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Talking with me will improve the sexual energy of your brain which can be used everywhere. 🍏🥑🥝🏄🏻‍♀️🦇🦈🍎☘️🦄🌽🎪🐾🍉🥦🥒🦋🍅❤️👠🕶🌂🐒🦑🦕🐞. it's a joke =)
moto: My moto: everything is possible - just stay simple, think clear, dance and keep pushing forward. Мой девиз: всё возможно - будь проще, думай ясно, танцуй и продолжай двигаться вперёд. Hello! My name is Yuri and here you see the page for drafts, notes, links and other flow information. My professional profile is a software and brain-computer interfaces engineering. // My moto: everything is possile! Привет! Меня зовут Юра и это моя домашняя страничка для различных заметок, черновых записей, ссылок и прочей проходящей информации. Что касается моих профессиональных навыков то это написание программ и создание систем для мозг-компьютерного взаимодействия. // Девиз: всё возможно!
If you would like to contact me with any of that interest: #idea #brain #ai #finance #art #performance #company #startup #visionz #neujitsu #silkmind plz tag hashtag in email topic. Example: "Lets run a startup Pied Piper #startup #idea". Если решите написать сообщение относящееся к одной из следующих тем: #идея #мозг #ИИ #финансы #искусство #эффективность #компания #стартап #виженз #нейджитсу #силкмайнд (#idea #brain #ai #finance #art #performance #company #startup #visionz #neujitsu #silkmind) укажите соответствующий хештег в названии сообщения.
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Now more details. My full name is Yuri Konoplev also going as j0k, keytheorem, NJ and etc... Definitely I like nicks and computer culture. It's my homepage so it's a place for drafts, notes and HTML experiments. Some months ago I worked on social network developing at Waves and also thought on TuSion neuroapp and brain-computers in wide. As I see today tusion was the most interesting application to check and turning in right mental state if you know how to use it. Reborn as Silk Mind.

By the way I like to program and to develop concepts and sometimes develop principles for AML (abstract macro language) with details and examples. It's still a too unstructed repo for computer programming language.

In vision I prefer cold and hot shower with cold at the end, flexibility mindflow, meditation, antipsychiatry, active mindset shaping and jumping into actions inspired with dreams, interesting future and perception of reality without any limits or bans.

Feel free to ask me for any questions, to mention any detail, to share any idea or just speak out loud. I really regard the reality AS IS without any prelabeling for good/normal/bad orientation inside it. Everything with sense is OK and I agree that it's forbidden to forbid in wide (Il est interdit d’interdire).

* all that was said above are my aspirations and I'm just only on the way.

Here is my public shared google spreadsheet/excel document to keep in touch in task-sense and keep the wave of shared econony;) If you have any task for me, or we discussed something common and I still hadn't show any required reaction - plz push it. I will be glad both as you.

That homepage has an unstructed style with few comments and going to be in that state for some time.

glhf 🦋😚🧞‍💫
Sub pages are:
I really love stickers and see that stickers are mems. Section for stickers.
Section for life time tokens and DEX.
My tools, links. projects, mind and psy-experiments and links:
short films & movies:
tusion and how tuses works:
moments of dev flow
music moments:

long projects :
AML language + IDE prototyping
hackathons & fu-projects:
psy sample & experiments:

developers, artists, scientists and people who feel:
  1. Sean Larkin: WebPack, JS,
    todo: to iframe it
  2. Refik Anadol, media-artist, developer
  3. Gavin Wood, ethereum co-founder, developer
  4. Touinova Lyoubov, artist, insta:barbieblaster,
  5. Monica Gagliano #cognition #plants
  6. Matt Sly homepage. Matt is a FutureMe.Org service creator. #life #dream #feel #I #You
  7. Douglas Crockford homepage. Douglas is a JSON format creator (JavaScript Object Notation). #js #json #dev #cs
  8. Roy T. Fielding homepage. Roy is a REST architector ~creator both as HTTP early-commiter. Roy is also Apache co-founder and director of the Apache Software Foundation. Roy's CV, architecture dissertation. #rest #dev #cs
  10. Yann LeCun Neural Computer Scientist #dev #cnn #neural
developers and software engineers: architecture:
beautiful dev materials:
  1. J Reference Card for version 6.02 by Henry Rich
  2. Flask: The Cheat Sheet
  3. Bash tips: Colors and formatting by FLOZz
  4. IRC: rules, stories, commands:
useful dev materials:
  1. Flask Cheat Sheet and Quick Reference
  2. Waves: RIDE built-in funcs
  3. TVM community blog
Atom IDE plugins:
  1. atom-html-preview
cool and classic social mechanics:
best services: geo, winds and weather materials:
tool z:
beauties of the baud:
soft developers:
IT & People
brainshots : greate things to understand
finance section:
visual / flow / dataflow programming paradigm materials:
Good tries, starts & passion
My aside drafts:
dev arch quotes/цитатки про архитектуру:
other motivate quotes / другие мотивационные цитаты:
tasks on logic / логические задачки:
  1. Имеется две верёвки. Не принципиально одинаковые они или различные. Каждая горит 1 час. Как измерить промежуток в 90 минут? (Верёвка может гореть неравномерно).
startup stories / истории стартапов: fine news streams / хорошие информационные потоки:
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