Just mem it on github.
Time calculator for forgetting curve engineering.
date screenshot description features
07.01.2020 Add mem Here you can add smth 2 mem with title and description
Add mem List of memorizing skills
  • select item
  • see description
Add mem
08.01.2020 Del mem You can select mem and delete it. Also you will see mem description in the right window.
  • delete button
  • color
  • mems can be loaded from file.json
  • fine class for mem item
Add mem
08.02.2020 Del mem You get the reminder for any skill. The reminder have skill title and skill description.
  • reminder window connected to the timer
  • window class transported to separate file
  • quit window
  • if you press 'No' in reminder window you pause current skill
10.02.2020 Add mem Main windows
  • Кривая забывания
  • new item: scale
  • new item: hint
  • on status item: restart button and time of the last mem-event
  • scales: loaded from file
  • scales: default and generative type
  • portated scales from wiki page
Add mem Tab window
  • save button for editing mode
  • hint editing
  • colors for load items fixed
Add mem Reminder window
  • reminder window
  • okay and pause button
  • show hint button